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Marine Renewable Energy
Hybrid Anchor

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Suction and pile anchors have been commonly used the Offshore industry for decades. They've widely deployed across various site and mooring architectures on conventional energy exploitation. They are now also considered by the floating wind industry, where the system can bring significant advantages.

Despite the efficiency of such anchors, the advancement of floating offshore wind demands industrialization and cost competitiveness. In response to this demand, FMGC introduces a novel approach by integrating gravity base ballast atop of suction or pile anchors.

This innovative approach significantly reduces anchor size, leading to substantial benefits in procurement and installation costs.

Moreover, implementing ballasts fosters a notable improvement in standardization. The ability to standardize piles across entire floating wind farms is a key advantage, with the ballast serving as an adjustment to ensure optimal holding capacity for each pile. This approach is particularly effective in shared and mutualized mooring configurations.

FMGC solution, with its high-density (7.1) and modular approach, emerges as a fitting solution. The solutions are meticulously tailored according to project requirements, accounting for available vessels and lifting equipment. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability is translated in the use of recycled raw materials for the ballasts. Also, at decommissioning stage, the ballasts car be recovered and sale to the recycling industry. This brings a great advantage, reducing the environmental impact of the system while also financing a part of the decommissioning expenditures.

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The history of the FMGC goes back to 1929 and if it continues today, it is because the company has never stopped developing to be attentive to its customers.

Boasting highly experienced teams with robust track records, we are adept at managing extensive and challenging projects. Our commitment to excellence passes through meticulous dimensioning and structural integrity verification using advanced numerical modeling and rigorous scale tests. We conduct comprehensive assessments throughout the system's design life, aligning with site meteocean data, geotechnical considerations, and mooring dynamics. This thorough approach ensures not only performance optimization but also the certification of the entire system.

FMGC collaborates closely with its customers to identify the most technically and financially efficient solution. This involves precisely defining the optimal amount of required ballast and adapting the design to match available vessel and lifting capabilities. Our commitment extends to ensuring seamless integration on the piles, with a focus on adaptability. Through our meticulous approach, we strive for the optimization of every aspect, from construction and installation to the overall integration of the system. FMGC is dedicated to delivering High quality solutions, providing a tailored approach for the successful realization of your projects.