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A European leader, specialist in the development and manufacture of a wide range of cast iron counterweights & ballasting solutions.


FMGC is the European leader in the manufacture of cast iron counterweights.

Our customers serve the global construction, material handling, agricultural and nautical markets.

In 2015, the company diversified its activities into the renewable marine energy markets.

Recently, FMGC has started to offer urban security solutions.

FMGC, une entreprise solide et innovante au service de clients leaders dans leurs domaines​.

David Trouillot

Président du Directoire FMGC

FMGC's Key Figures

Fiscal year 2019 - 2020
Founders, engineers, operators ...

Through 7 Markets
Process, Equiment ...

Management Board

David Trouillot

Président du Directoire FMGC

Marie Dufour

Directrice Administratif et Financier

Joël Quartier

Directeur Commercial

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