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Management Services

Farinia Group has a proven track record in management, having acquired and sold around 100 companies over the past fifteen years.

Farinia & the management of a company: a perpetual and permanent challenge

Buying and managing a company in Europe is challenging for any foreign shareholder. Farinia is a trusted management services partner who has built a large business relationships network covering entire Western Europe. By knowing the key clients and suppliers in the industry we deliver optimal customer experience.

If you are a shareholder, searching for new opportunities or simply struggling with lack of funds due to insufficient management, Farinia Group provides the right solutions for you.

Thanks to its solid knowledge in this specific industry our management team selects and executes the right improvement actions to leverage the performance of a company. Farinia's management services combine an established network with a set of best practices and a proven track record. All this make acquired companies improve their shareholder value in a short term.

Our strengths

Farinia Group's management advice is recognized by many shareholders for their excellent results. We have established an excellent partnership with the bpi france participation (BPI).

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Our expertise in this area could make the difference in the success of your project!