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Our CSR Charter applies to all our employees and in all our subsidiaries.

Тhе CSR policy, a commitment of Farinia Group

Farinia Group is a global player who is able to develop international leadership in the transformation of metals.

Our mission is to provide innovative components to innovative and profitable customers.

Our know-how and our professionalism are made available to our partners in order to increase our common performance while respecting the values ​​which govern our behavior and our actions.

The purpose of this charter is to describe the principles that drive us towards the values ​​that form the basis of our social responsibility.

Each member of Farinia Group is committed to applying these principles at all times and in all places, which contribute to the confidence that stakeholders place in our group and which are the guarantor of our long-term performance.

Corporate Social Responsibility

5 Fundamental Pillars

All employees share the Group's values, deployed around 5 fundamental areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and supported by the associated principles.

Pillar 1: Ensure the safety of people and property

➢ Comply with applicable laws and regulations;
➢ Be part of a logic of sustainable development, the foundation of Social Responsibility;
➢ Respect the fundamental rights of people;
➢ Be a voluntary player in the ethics of the Group, respecting the values ​​and applying the principles of action in all circumstances;
➢ Ensure the health and safety of our employees in their activities All risks are analyzed, assessed and minimized by appropriate precautionary measures within the framework of a Safety Management System.

Pillar 2: Limit the impact on the environment

➢ Implement an environmental risk management system to identify and control the environmental risks associated with our activities;

➢ Limit our energy consumption and the production of waste.

Pillar 3: Involve suppliers and partners

➢ Listen to and respect the internal and external interested parties of the Group;

➢ Develop relationships of trust and partnership with our suppliers;

➢ Ask our suppliers and partners to commit to a sustainable development approach.

Pillar 4: Ensure the fairness of practices

➢Fight against fraud and corruption by applying the rules of the Farinia Code of Conduct;

➢ Act with integrity, disregarding private interests or personal considerations. Decisions must be taken transparently and on the basis of relevant considerations;

➢ Respect the principles of a market economy and fair competition without restriction;

➢ Comply with applicable export control and customs regulations, including international trade control laws and national embargoes;

➢ Ensure the safety of our heritage, through the protection of its assets;

➢ Respect the rules applicable to the protection of intellectual property. This includes patents, copyrights and trademarks;

➢ Ensure the security of our information and that of our customers, suppliers and partners and respect the confidentiality of data;

➢ Comply with applicable laws regarding the processing of personal data;

➢ Implement effective methods and procedures adapted to our activities in order to minimize the risks of introducing counterfeit parts or materials into the delivered product.

Pillar 5: Develop human potential

➢ Develop the skills of employees, through training and in their career development;

➢ Respect the person and listen to them.

real-time monitoring of indicators

The Group has adhered to an approach in the area of ​​social and environmental responsibility (CSR). About ten indicators have been selected covering the following topics in particular:

In environmental matters, on the use of sustainable resources (energy consumption) and the control of environmental impacts (pollution prevention and waste management).

In social matters regarding the human resources managed as the primary source of wealth (existence and quality of annual activity reviews; training investment; staff support and participation in the project and in the company's growth (severity rate, frequency rate and absenteeism rate).

In addition, our internal regulations incorporate actions aimed at combating discrimination and promoting diversity.

A regular review of the progress made is presented to management and the board of directors in order to continuously feed the improvement process in this area.

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