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Present in your daily life, Setforge is an international multi-sector player specializing in forging and machining. Discover our activities and know-how!

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Innovation as a Driver

The Setforge Group is a major, multi-sector European group with over 100 years of experience in forging and machining. We rely on an agile and responsive organization that puts a strategy of operational innovation and excellence at the forefront. Every day, all of our activities are geared towards respecting and increasing the skills of human potential as well as reducing our environmental footprint.

Whatever your objectives, we make every effort to provide you with the best solution for the realization of your project. Just one watchword: nothing is impossible for Setforge!

Business activities

Partner of the world's largest OEMs, Setforge Group produces millions of high added value parts each year. Our strength lies in the diversity of our activities and a multidisciplinary approach to the market. Cars, trucks, planes, tractors, excavators, bulldozers, thermal power plants ... We are proud to think that you have necessarily crossed or used an application built with one of our parts.

Since its inception, the automotive sector has been one of the areas of excellence of Setforge Group, a subsidiary of Farinia Group.
In the off-highway industry, equipment faces very harsh environments. To ensure reliability and performance, manufacturers rely on forged parts.
Distribution, logistics, physical transport, the trucking industry serves many sectors of activity.
Setforge Group is a long-standing partner of international players in the aeronautics sector and is active in commercial, business and military aviation.
Setforge Group, a subsidiary of Farinia Group, is a privileged partner of the agricultural sector. We produce high added-value parts.
Oil and Gas
The Setforge Group, a subsidiary of Farinia Group, is a long-standing partner of the largest OEMs in the oil and gas sector.
Setforge Group, a subsidiary of Farinia Group, is a long-standing partner of the major players in the textile sector in Europe and around the world.
The railway industry should continue technological development to improve the energy efficiency of its vehicles.
Power Generation
Setforge, a subsidiary of Farinia Group, is an experienced player in the production of high-added value parts for power generation systems.


Our productions are based on the most advanced technologies and equipment in order to offer you high-end services. Forging, machining, heat treatment, metallurgy, engineering, co-development, new materials ... Our experts support you at every stage of your project to enable you to carry it out in the best conditions and with a result that meets your expectations.

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