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Setforge Gauvin

Setforge Gauvin

Expert in the hot and warm forging for medium and high production volumes. Find our more!

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Setforge Gauvin is specialized in the hot and warm forging on vertical mechanical presses. With 6 production lines, offering capacities between 400 T to 2500 T, the plant, robotized and digitalized thanks to the latest Smart Factory technologies, produces parts in medium and high volume weighing between 200 g and 10 kg.

Organized around automated in-line processes, Setforge Gauvin guarantees its customers a high level of flexibility and quality, with an annual volume of 5 million parts shipped.

Responsiveness, creativity and a taste for challenge are part of the spirit of Setforge Gauvin's passionate teams. We look forward to your next challenge!

Setforge Gauvin
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Setforge Gauvin

Located in La Monnerie le Montel, in the Thiernois region, Setforge Gauvin currently employs 90 collaborators (excluding temporary staff and future recruits).

Founded in 1934, the company started out in cutlery before specializing in automotive and stainless-steel forging. In the 1980s, the site was relocated close to the A89 motorway to facilitate logistics flows to customers and enable growth.

Today, the company has a turnover higher than 28 million euros, and continues to grow. Setforge Gauvin, whose expertise is internationally recognized, generates 84% of its sales from exports, including 21% outside Europe.


Driven by innovation, our Design & Methods department supports the development of your projects through a co-design approach. We offer complete and high value-added solutions (in-house machining or with our partners, assembly).

Thanks to our knowledge of metallurgy and processes, we have mastered the forging of carbon and micro-alloy steels, as well as stainless steels.

New design
Expertise in metallurgy


From 0,2 to 10 kg 
Medium and high volume production 


Internally and with selected long term partners


Heat treatment
Tooling shop


The automotive sector is an essential part of Setforge Gauvin’s identity. Among the parts in production, we have injection components (rails, pump cylinder, cylinder head) for diesel and gasoline hybrid engines, as well as turbo, chassis and electric transmission parts.

We are also present, in the defense, handling and food processing sectors, among others.

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Our certifications attest to our ongoing commitment to quality. Energy and environmental issues, with the ISO 14001 and 50001 certifications, are at the heart of our daily concerns.

Setforge Gauvin

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Setforge Gauvin

Zone Industrielle de Racine
63650 La Monnerie-le-Montel